Best Practices in AWS Management - Part 1

The public cloud in general, and AWS in particular are changing the way that systems administrators think about the infrastructure that they manage and the applications that run on that infrastructure. Things are becoming far less permanent and more ephemeral and temporary. We now deal in instances that last until the next deployment instead of servers that are bought every 3-5 years. We now purpose build resources for an application instead of making a new application fit on existing hardware resources. This requires a new approach and new best practices.

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Setup CloudWatch Memory and Disk Utilization

This is a guide to setting up memory and disk utilization monitoring in CloudWatch. This is not something that is natively supported by CloudWatch and requires some special setup on the instances that you would like to monitor.

When I was attempting to do this for the first time, I found that some of the instructions both from Amazon and around the web were lacking or missing pieces, especially, if you like me are trying to do this installation on Centos 6.

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