Script: Get Temporary AWS Credentials at the Command Line with MFA

So you have followed best practices for AWS, you have implemented multiple factor authentication for your account and you have separated different environments into separate accounts under a master organization. But now you are facing a problem, you need to use a tool such as Terraform that does not understand how to handle MFA and you are unable to assume the proper role because of that. This script takes care of that issue.

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Best Practices in AWS Application Management - Part 2 - Security

This post is the second in our series on AWS application management and associated best practices. You can find part one of the series here. In this part we are going to look at security and some things that need to be considered when moving your application to the cloud in general and AWS in particular.

Haven't we been doing this forever?

This is the first thing that many IT pros ask when we start talking about security. And the answer is yes, we have and many of those lessons that have been learned continue to apply. However, some things do change when you move to the cloud.

  • You are no longer responsible for physical security.

  • You are no longer responsible for patching the underlying hypervisor.

  • Depedending on the service that you are using, you may not be responsible for OS or application level patching either.

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